• Park Wickham Park
  • Location White Street, Artarmon
  • Facilities

    BBQ facilitiesPark benchPicnic tablePlay equipment

Area: 2,087m²

Named after Charles Wickham (1869-1936), local resident and skilled gardener.  Charles was the ‘guiding genius’ of the gardens on the Village Green at Artarmon Railway Station.  The gardens were first established by the Artarmon Progress Association in 1928. As a volunteer he made the gardens into his retirement hobby, eventually being employed by Council. During 1983-1990 three blocks of land in White Street were acquired by Council for open space in response to Artarmon becoming a more populated suburb. Landscape improvements were completed in 2007.

There is access to the park from White Street or via the path from Buller Road to the park (part of the “Artarmon Pathways” system).