Mowing FAQ

If you have questions about Council's mowing of parks, bushland edges and streetscapes, you may find answers to your questions below. If you still have more questions, contact Council's Help and Service Centre on 9777 1000.

Who mows the grass?

Most of Council’s parks, streetscapes, walkways and bushland edges are mown by a specialist contract landscape maintenance company. All sportsgrounds are mown by Council’s Sportsgrounds maintenance staff.

Where does Council mow?

  • 201 separate sites are mown by the contract company, adding up to 33 hectares in total.
  • 22 sportsfields are mown by Council’s sportsfields staff and a relatively small number of sites are mown by a contract company (MowMentus).
  • Several other sites such as community and childcare centres, carparks and streetscapes are mown by MowMentus.
  • Council’s Nature strips in Willoughby Policy states that “Council does not engage in the regular maintenance of the naturestrip/road verge outside private property.”

How often is each site mown?

Flushes of annual weeds grow through the grass at certain times of the year. These weeds grow very quickly, especially after rain, and can give a false impression that the grass has not been mown for a long time. Sites are mown 16 times per year, with frequency changing to suit the season and growth patterns of the grass.

Sportsgrounds are mown more frequently than other grass areas to meet the requirements of the particular groups using the grounds. The grass is cut shorter in summer for cricket than in winter for soccer and rugby.

  • Summer – once or twice per week
  • Winter – once per week

How often is a site mown in wet weather?

The combination of rain and warm weather also encourages faster grass growth, compounding the problem. If visits are missed due to wet weather, attempts are made to make up the visit at a later date. If rain continues, this may not be possible and the site may not be visited until the next scheduled visit. 

What equipment is used to maintain the grass?

Staff operate a variety of equipment including ride-on mowers, hand mowers, blowers and whipper-snippers. Tractor mowers are used for the “broadacre” mowing of sportsfields. After mowing, whipper snippers are used to tidy edges and blowers are used to clear pathways of any grass clippings.

Access to grass areas may not be possible for mowing equipment after periods of rain, as it can damage the turf or become bogged. Sites can also become slippery and unsafe for equipment operators.