Think Before You Park

Parking on public footpaths, nature strips & driveway crossings

Examples of unsafe and illegal stopping/parking of vehicles:


Car on footpath

Truck on footpath

Stopping or parking a vehicle on public footpaths, nature strips and driveway crossings is dangerous and can cause pedestrians to walk onto roads where their safety may be at risk. Illegally parked vehicles can also reduce the line of sight of other vehicles entering and exiting adjacent driveways as well as passing pedestrians and traffic in the street.

Council Rangers are issuing warnings and fines to vehicles found stopped or parked in a manner that compromises public safety and breaches the NSW Road Rules.

Please help make our local streets safe and convenient for everybody.

For more information about the NSW Road Rules, see the RMS website or contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9777 1000.


 Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Think Before You Park:

Think Before You Park