Residential Parking

Residential parking in time-restricted parking zones

Eligible residents can apply for a permit to park in some time-restricted parking zones, where limited off-street parking is available. Permits can be obtained to park in zones known as Resident Parking Schemes only.

Who is eligible to apply for a parking permit?

Eligibility for a permit to park within a Resident Parking Scheme is determined by how much off-street parking is available at the applicant’s residence. Each household can apply for a maximum of 2 permits. If the residence has one off-street parking space, the household can only apply for one permit. No permits will be granted to residences with two or more off-street parking spaces.

How do I apply for a permit?

To obtain a permit, you must prove that your residence is within a Resident Parking Scheme, and that you don’t have access to off-street parking for your vehicle. To apply, complete and return the  Residential Parking Permit together with the application fee for the permit(s).

How much does a permit cost?

Cost of permits can be found in Council’s Fees & Charges.

Fees are used to offset the cost of signposts and management of the Resident Parking Schemes.

Permits must be renewed every year. Council will send you a renewal letter when your permit is approaching the expiration date.

For more information please contact Willoughby City Council on 9777 1000.

New Resident Parking Schemes

Administration and implementation of Resident Parking Schemes is subject to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Permit Parking Guidelines. New residential parking schemes must be implemented in accordance with the requirements outlined in these guidelines. Residents may write to Council seeking the establishment of a resident parking scheme in their street. Council officers will then monitor on and off-street parking activity and, if it appears that a resident parking scheme may be warranted, residents will be surveyed to determine if there is support. If Council can establish that there is compliance with the RMS guidelines and support for the introduction of restrictions, approval will be sought through the Willoughby Council Local Traffic Committee.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Permit Parking Guidelines

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Permit Parking Guidelines are available from the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) website.