Neighbour to Neighbourly

Neighbour Day 2017Neighbours play an important role in our daily lives. Not only can they become great friends, neighbours can provide help and support when needed and they can help to provide a sense of security.

The aim of Willoughby City Council’s Neighbour to Neighbourly initiative is to create a safer and more friendly community by encouraging neighbours to become more connected through social events and activities.

How can you help make your street more neighbourly?

  • When new neighbours arrive, you can make them feel welcome by dropping by and introducing yourself. Use your local knowledge to give them tips about the best places to visit - for example, the best coffee shops or restaurants - or you can tell them about shortcuts they can use to get around.
  • If your new neighbours are from overseas, you could suggest some local services. Council’s multicultural services provide a wide range of activities and programs.
  • During extremely hot days, you could check on elderly neighbours to ensure they are safe. Visit Beat the Heat for more tips.

There are also many events and activities you can organise to become more connected with your neighbours:

Seize the day; say Hi to your neighbour today!