Willoughby Heritage - Main Page

The sense of place, or knowledge that you are somewhere special, and the things that make an area distinctive often come from the past. Willoughby Council have several strategies in order to protect places and help people get a sense of Willoughby's former times.

Conservation Areas and Heritage Items

The creation of conservation areas means that the special character of particular parts of the city are retained for present enjoyment and future generations. They prevent buildings incongruous with the neighbourhood from being constructed. There are also around 200 heritage items in Willoughby. These are buildings or sites that are protected by the WLEP 2012.

There are brochures with information useful to people living in these areas or thinking of purchasing one under Conservation Areas and Heritage Items.

Historic places

The Willoughby historic sites plaques draw people's attention to the history of a place they may have walked past every day without knowing its story.

You can also read short histories of some local pubs.

Former Councillor Terry Fogarty has written a history of the Lane Cove River;  The Lighter Side of Willoughby.

Heritage walks

Why not take a walk around the area with history in mind? The heritage walks are a great way to spend a weekend afternoon strolling a neighbourhood and discovering its past. Read more.