Public Cleaning

Street SweeperCouncil employs staff and contractors to perform scheduled cleaning as well as to collect dumped rubbish and dead animals.

It’s a big job keeping Willoughby clean. You can help by putting your litter and cigarette butts in the provided bins.

How often are public areas cleaned?


Every morning, starting at 2am, the street cleansing team gets started on cleaning up the shopfronts in Willoughby. That’s every shopping centre in every suburb every morning, including weekends. Little shops down sidestreets may not be cleaned every day, but the vast majority of businesses are.

Chatswood CBD footpaths

Chatswood Mall is cleaned every morning. The footpath scrubber goes around the Chatswood CBD weekly, and outer shops either fortnightly or monthly. There is a steam cleaner which is used to remove chewing gum.

Garbage bins

The frequently used garbage bins around shops are emptied on a daily basis, and less used ones are emptied every second day. Bins in parks are emptied after 7pm twice a week. Extra bins are provided and emptied for events like fairs and markets. All bins are periodically cleaned and graffiti and posters are removed.

Residential streets

From 7am to 3.30pm the street cleansing team works on residential areas. There are ten areas, each of which is cleaned once a fortnight.

Public toilets

Public toilets are cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. More frequent cleaning is scheduled for special events.