Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial

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In 2015, Willoughby Council implemented its inaugural Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial.  This consisted of five simultaneous exhibitions in various locations and 17 public engagement programs.  Over a 16 day period, it attracted well over 2,500 visitors.

In 2017, the Biennial promises to drive further creative community engagement by inviting artists to transform public spaces such as lane ways and parks, in addition to art spaces.  We want you to creatively invigorate Chatswood and its surrounds with temporary installations, projected video and light, sound, happenings, or whatever your creative heart desires.

The curatorial theme for 2017 is Kaleidoscope and encourages audiences to think of the world not as static but rather in a continual state of flux, and not as a singular view but multiple perspectives continually shifting to make up a whole.  Click here to read more on the theme.

The Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial will run from 6 - 24 September 2017.