Chatswood Mall Market

Chatswood Mall Markets remain operational on 26 and 27 March for takeaway orders only.

Please note that unfortunately the music has been cancelled for this week. 

From 9am, Thursday and Friday
Open for lunch and dinner

Taste the world at the Chatswood Mall Market, with food from Taiwan, Germany, Malaysia and Mexican – just to mention a few.

We also have unique gift stalls ranging from preserved flowers, to floral teas, to leather bags.

And there’s a fresh line up of great musicians every week to keep you entertained.

The menu is irresistible:

  • Lamb, chicken, pork or beef souvlaki with Greek salad
  • Beef quesadilla with guacamole
  • Belgian waffles
  • Korean fish cakes
  • Japanese street foods
  • Taiwanese red bean or custard pancakes
  • Chicken Katsu Curry
  • Ken-chan curry
  • Karage
  • Cane juice with lemon, lime or ginger
  • Paella
  • Turkish Gozleme
  • Teppanyaki style squid noodles with Szechuan sauce
  • Black pepper steak noodles
  • Chicken with lemongrass, cracked white pepper noodles

Try some Malaysian Street food delicacies:

  • Angkoo – tortoise shell shaped rice flour cake with sweet mung bean filling
  • Kuih Ubi Kaya – baked tapioca cake
  • Siew Pau – Malysian style baked bun filled with pork, onion and peas
  • Pullut Inti – glutinous rice and palm sugar + fresh coconut topping
  • Kuik Dadar – fresh coconut with palm sugar wrapped in a pandan flavoured pancake

Join us every week in the popular and bustling Chatswood Mall. And keep up to date with food, reviews and products at our Facebook page

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Please note: The Chatswood Mall Market is for food and product stalls only. If you wish to promote your business, you can hire a space in Chatswood on a non-market day (Saturday to Wednesday) at your preferred location and time/date. Book via our eBookings portal.