Internet and PC Services

You can access the internet and use Office-based software on the self-serve computers at all Willoughby City libraries free of charge.

All computers are PC-based and use Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 (includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Internet Explorer and Chrome.


A self-serve scanner is available at Chatswood Library. Once you have scanned, you can save the file to your USB. There is a charge of 10c per page for scans.


Printing is available from computers at all Willoughby libraries. There is a charge of 20c per A4 sheet in black and white.


Photocopying is available at each of the Willoughby City libraries. There is a charge of 20c per A4 copy in black and white at all libraries. At  Chatswood Library colour photocopying is available at $2 per A4 sheet and $5 per A3 sheet.

Free WiFi

You can access our free WiFi in all public areas of the Library. Simply select 'Chatswood Library' from the list of available networks. Printing is not available via WiFi but you can print from your USB via the Library’s computers.

Communications over a wireless network are not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software. It is strongly recommended that you:

  • install all the latest operating system and antivirus security fixes, patches and updates
  • always have your personal firewall software enabled
  • disable file sharing to prevent any malicious users gaining access to your computer.

Please do not leave your laptop or other equipment unattended. We cannot guarantee the security of your equipment.  Library staff cannot provide support to configure your equipment for wireless access.

Library WiFi FAQs

Free Library WiFi enables you to access the internet, conduct research, download and upload files, and send and receive emails via your own laptop or smartphone,

What is the name of the WiFi Hotspot that I must connect to?
Chatswood* Library

*Substitute name of appropriate library at branches eg ‘Artarmon Library’

How do I access WiFi?
By connecting your Wi-Fi device to “Chatswood* Library”, opening your web browser and then accepting the terms and conditions.

Is the Wi-Fi secure?
No- Wi-Fi just provides you with wireless access to the public internet. With any public internet service, security cannot be guaranteed but there are precautions you can take such as using https:// at the beginning of websites.

What happens if I have problems connecting?
Check that your WiFi is enabled on your gadget and it is connected to “Chatswood* Library”. Check that you’ve opened your web browser and accepted the terms and conditions.

For further assistance refer to your user manual or contact your hardware or software provider.

How will I know when I have reached my maximum daily limit?
For laptops, a pop up counter screen will advise you that you’ve reached your limit and your session will stop. For mobile devices like a tablet, your session will stop and you will not ge able to log back in.

I didn’t see a pop up message - I just lost my connection
Your laptop device must have ‘pop ups’ enabled in the browser or ‘toggled’ on. Mobile devices don’t often show pop-ups at all.

Why is a website that I am trying to look at blocked?
The website may be considered inappropriate. Please contact the library at

How does WiFi identify me?
The network recognises the unique device address.

How can I make my data last longer?
Close any browser windows not being used, stop any movies, turn off any location features on your apps

What do I need to access WiFi?
A Wi-Fi enabled laptop or portable device such as a smartphone and tablet - e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android. These devices must have a standard web browser such as Safari, Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Can I print using wireless?
No - this is not currently available at Willoughby Libraries.

Can I use peer-to-peer file sharing programs?
No – this type of internet usage is blocked on the network. This is because of copyright, network performance and licensing issues.