Book Clubs

Are you interested in books (or movies)? Why not join a Book Club at Willoughby City Library? The clubs provide a great opportunity for people who enjoy reading books to discuss them with others. If you would like to join a club, please complete an application form and email or return it to the Library. 

Library Book Clubs

Following is a list of clubs across our libraries. Each group chooses the books (or movies) they want to discuss. The groups are no larger than 15 people.




Artarmon Library 4th Thursday 6.30pm-8pm Places available
Chatswood Library 1st Wednesday 1pm-2pm Club is full
Chatswood Library 2nd Tuesday 3.30pm-4.30pm Places available
Chatswood Library 3rd Tuesday 7pm  OPEN CLUB 
Chatswood Library 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 11am Japanese club, Club is full
Castle Cove Library 3rd Thursday 2pm Club is full
Castle Cove Library 3rd Thursday 7pm Places available
Naremburn Library 2nd Saturday 10am-12noon Club is full
Northbridge Library 2nd Wednesday 2pm Places available
Northbridge Library 3rd Wednesday 7.30pm Club is full
Northbridge Library 2nd Thursday 6.30 pm Club is full
Northbridge Library 4th Thursday 6.30pm Club is full
NEW! West Chatswood Library 1st Wednesday 2pm Places available
West Chatswood Library 3rd Thursday 11am-1pm  Places available


Our open book club is for anyone who has read the book we select for discussion each month. No long term commitments necessary. The next book for discussion is: 

Burial Rites  by Hannah Kent

In a small town in northern Iceland 1829, Agnes Magnusdottir is waiting her execution for her part in the brutal murder of two men. District Officer Jon Jonsson, his wife and two daughters have been appointed to act as Agnes jailors leading up to her death and are horrified to have a convicted killer living with them.

Meeting on Tuesday 20 March at 7pm in the Willoughby Room 

If you have read this book, feel free to attend the discussion by emailing the Library at