Policies and Guidelines

The following guidelines ensure library staff, members and visitors are provided with a safe and comfortable environment.


Personal belongings

Food and Drink

Unaccompanied Children 

Library equipment

Using the Internet and WiFi

Tutoring in the Library

Photography and Filming Donations Collection Development Policy    


General Use and Behaviour

Library users must treat others, including Library staff, with courtesy and respect. The Library may exclude anyone engaged in the following: 

  • Disruptive behaviour, including disorderly or offensive conduct, noise, or activity that interferes with the rights of others, physical abuse, abusive or threatening language.
  • Soliciting, selling or other commercial activities. 
  • Theft, vandalism or other illegal acts. 
  • Loitering on the premises under circumstances that warrant alarm for the safety or health of any person or property in the vicinity

Library users must also:

  • Meet acceptable levels of dress and personal cleanliness.
  • Leave the Library when requested at closing time or during emergency procedures
  • Inform Library staff if aware of any risk or potential risk to people or property
  • Comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) when copying or reproducing Library materials, including Library electronic resources.

Personal Belongings

Personal items must not be left unattended. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage. Please do not place your belongings where they may put others at risk of injury. 

Food and Drink

No food or drink, except for bottled water, is to be consumed in any of the Library branches.  

Library equipment and materials

Library clients must use the Library facilities appropriately, and must not disconnect Library IT equipment. 

Unaccompanied Children

Willoughby City Library Services welcomes children of all ages at the library.  However, the Library is a very busy public place, and it is unsuitable for children to be in the library without the care of an older person.

Children must be accompanied by an older person to help ensure their safety while in the Library. In this case ‘accompanied’ means within sight – ie, the older person can always see the younger person.

  • Children under 10 years must be accompanied by someone over 18 years.
  • Children between 10 and 12 years must be accompanied by someone over 12 years.

Library staff cannot take responsibility for the safety of children who are left unattended at the Library. If children are left unsupervised in the library, staff will attempt to notify parents/guardian/caregiver. If staff cannot contact parents, the Police will be notified. 


If you have items you wish to donate to the Library please check that they meet our pdf format Donations Guidelines. Other organisations that accept donations of books include: the Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library , Lifeline and The Salvation Army.  

Collection Development Policy

Willoughby City Library's Collection Development Policy available for download to the public. 

Tutoring in the Library

Tutoring for fees within the library is prohibited under the Library Act (Library Regulation 2010, Part 3 Clause 14). Part 3 Clause 17 of the same Act also states that a Library user may be directed to leave the library if the person has contravened any provision of this Part.

Volunteer tutors need a letter of authority from the Library.

Using the Internet and WiFi

Willoughby City Library Service provides free access to the Internet through its public computers and Wi-Fi.

Parents/guardians of children under the age of 18 are solely responsible for their child’s access to and use of the Library’s internet facilities, including access to sites, their subject matter and content.

All users must adhere to the  Library's Internet Usage Guidelines at all times.

Photography and Filming

No photography or filming is allowed in the Library without permission from the Library.

Those who do not comply with the Guidelines may be asked to leave the Library or may be refused access to the Library.