Aboriginal Heritage

Aboriginal heritage is complex and diverse. There were once over 500 different clan groups across Australia with distinctive cultures and beliefs. Sadly, many of these languages and ways of life have now been lost. The Willoughby area was once the home of the Cammeraygal and Wallumedegal peoples, but no known descendants remain.

The Aboriginal Heritage Office is a joint initiative by Lane Cove, Manly, North Sydney, Warringah and Willoughby councils, in order to protect Aboriginal Heritage in these areas.

Part of the work of the Aboriginal Heritage Office is to monitor these Aboriginal sites on a day-to-day basis. Long term management reports are developed to ensure sites are preserved and protected.

Another key role of the Aboriginal Heritage Office is to give Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people involved with these council areas a way to discuss issues or concerns they may have. The office is in direct contact with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and its many resources.

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