Pat Reilly

Mayor Emeritus

Pat Reilly at Spring Festival Launch 2011

Pat Reilly, Willoughby's longest serving and incredibly popular Mayor, served the people of Willoughby for 27 years, the last 17 as Mayor. His dedication to the City of Willoughby was incredible.

About Pat

  • Born 1952, and lived in Willoughby the majority of his life.
  • Educated locally at St Thomas’, Willoughby, and St Pius X at Chatswood.
  • For the greater part of his life he has worked in Willoughby, ultimately in the field of Marketing, however he spent many successful years prior as a muso as a drummer in a band
  • He was elected to Willoughby Council for Middle Harbour Ward in 1987, and re-elected in 1991 and 1995.
  • Elected Mayor of Willoughby City in September 1997, and in 1999 became the first popularly elected Mayor of Willoughby. He is one of the longest serving mayors in Australia, being the longest serving on the North Shore having served as mayor for 17 years, and on council for 27 years.

Pat Reilly will always be remembered as a man who would do anything for his community. Having lived in Willoughby his entire life he dedicated himself to the people of Willoughby. He was the people's mayor and will be remembered for bringing major city issues to the attention of State and Federal governments, listening to and fighting for the community and attending every event requested of him - even dressed as Elvis Presley on more than one occasion.

He was the driving force behind The Concourse, leading the delivery of one of the largest public infrastructure projects undertaken by a local government. The Concourse realised his vision of bringing cultural activities to the people of Willoughby. He was so proud every time he saw local school children perform on the Concert Hall stage or when the community attended to see professional performers, performing in a world-class venue in their own backyard.

He kept a sense of history and individuality throughout the neighbourhoods of Willoughby while also accounting for as he would say "appropriate growth and development".

Pat supported the City of Willoughby to become the City of Diversity, a city that is positively renowned for its diversity and that celebrates many cultural groups and activities.

He was an enormously generous and caring man who knew so many residents personally, having helped them in some way, attended their event, or presented them an award at school event.

Pat Reilly's impact on the City of Willoughby, and entire North Shore will never be equalled or forgotten. His legacy will remain in the diversity of the city, the exceptional lifestyle offered and in the happiness of the community.

Pat Reilly served on Willoughby Council until his passing 20 January 2014.

Pat Reilly we thank you for being you.