Financial Seminars 2018 in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

These free Financial Seminars, held at Chatswood Library, are brought to you by Willoughby City Library and the Dept of Human Services — Financial Information Service.


Bookings open online approximately four weeks prior to each session
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財務講座  Financial Seminars 


Understanding Aged Care Costs - Book now

Sometimes, age and frailty can mean older people can no longer live independently in the community. As a consequence, they may need assistance with daily living and nursing care to remain at home or be admitted into residential aged care depending on their care needs.

This session will help you understand the financial side of Aged Care and will cover the following; Home care and Residential care, fees and charges, the family home, Pension considerations, financial planning and case studies. 

Friday 10am -11.30am, 14 Sept, 2018
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October - November

Investments for Retirement - Book now                                    

Understand the basics of investing and how they fit into your retirement income needs. The session will cover investment options and how they work, how Centrelink treats your investments under the income and assets test, basic taxation information, financial planning and some estate planning issues.

Thursday 6pm -7.30pm, 04 Oct, 2018
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Understanding Age Pension and Other Choices   

This seminar is intended for those who are nearing retirement, or already retired, and want more information about eligibility for Age Pension and other payments.

Thursday 6pm -7.30pm, 25 Oct, 2018
(Bookings open 4 weeks prior)

了解您的福利金 Understanding your pension

內容包括: 怎樣計算福利金, 收入與資產評估及其運作, 收入與資產的種類, 退休金的評估, 財務投資的“認為”規則, 饋贈規則, 工作獎金, 領取福利金人士津貼, 權利和義務。
Topics will include: How pensions are calculated; income and assets test and how they work; types of income and assets; assessment of superannuation; deeming rules on financial investments; gifting rules; work bonus; pensioner concessions; rights and obligations.

10月29日(星期一)Monday 29 October 
上午10時至11時30分 10–11.30am
普通話即時傳譯 with Mandarin interpretation

11月2日(星期五)Friday 2 November
上午10時至11時30分 10–11.30am
廣東話即時傳譯 with Cantonese interpretation 

每場講座約四星期前在網上開始報名  Bookings open online approximately four weeks prior to each session



Understanding Superannuation                                     

Get to know how superannuation works, fund choices and investment options, contributions and access rules.
Impact on Social Security and taxation, Superannuation options in retirement and Superannuation legislation. 
Thursday 6pm -7.30pm, 08 Nov, 2018
(Bookings open 4 weeks prior)

Understanding Retirement Income Streams

Learn what retirement income streams are and how they work, options available such as Allocated Pensions and Annuities, Social Security assessment, Tax treatment of income streams, choices and consequences.

Thursday 6pm -7.30pm, 15 Nov, 2018
(Bookings open 4 weeks prior)

了解退休金 Understanding Superannuation

認識退休公積金的重要及其在退休時的選項,包括退休公積金怎樣被用作投資及被徵稅、何時可領取退休公積金、當退休要使用退休公積金時,Centrelink 的規則及選項等。
Understand the importance of superannuation and the options available upon retirement, including how they are invested and taxed, when they can be accessed, Centrelink rules and options in using your superannuation upon retirement.

11月22日(星期四)Thursday 22 November
晚上午6時至7時30分 6–7.30pm
普通話即時傳譯 with Mandarin interpretation

11月29日(星期四)Thursday 29 November
晚上午6時至7時30分 6–7.30pm
廣東話即時傳譯with Cantonese interpretation

每場講座約四星期前在網上開始報名  Bookings open online approximately four weeks prior to each session