Sustainable Home Resources

Future proof your home to keep you and your family safe, healthy and comfortable

“The decisions we make about sustainability in the home can make a real difference to our impact on the environment. By making your home more sustainable you can save money and live in a healthier, more comfortable home that is useable for you and your family throughout all of your life stages.

We all have the power to affect change. However, while our individual efforts may seem small in isolation, the collective effect of everyone’s environmental action can have a significant and lasting impact.” NSW Government, Office of Environment and Heritage, Sustainable Households

It makes sense to prepare buildings for more erratic and extreme weather events, higher temperatures and increasing energy and water costs. Consider design principles for Sydney’s climate that utilise better insulation and glazing, smarter landscaping options and stronger, better quality and less toxic materials when building or renovating your property.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has documented many of the predicted changes in the weather. The NSW Climate Impact Profile states “very high to extreme fire danger days are projected to increase by 10–50% and the conditions conducive to large and intense fires (such as prolonged drought, low humidity, number of days with high temperature and high wind speeds) will more likely than not increase... Increases in the intensity of flood-producing rainfall events are likely to change flood behaviour in Sydney.” NSW Government, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Climate Impact Profile, Section 5 - Regional Impacts of Climate Change, 5.8 Sydney/Central Coast

Consider predicted climate change impacts in your building’s development. Also, to save yourself time and expense, discuss with your family what the aims of your build or renovation are before you speak to your architect, designer and builder.

Resources provided include checklists and information of the basic principles and elements to consider for sustainable design and construction that lead to more comfortable living and can reduce the ongoing cost of living.

The Australian Government’s guide, Your Home, is a fantastic sustainable home resource to help renovate and build a home for lifestyle and the future.

Your Home Technical Manual shows you how to design and build a more comfortable home that has less impact on the environment – a home that will also be more economical to run, healthier to live in and adaptable to your changing needs.

Sustainable Home Resources

Rating Schemes

NABERS Home - National Australian Built Environment Rating System – free online tools

NatHERS – Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme – measures potential energy efficiency
of Australian homes including layout, design, construction materials, orientation and climatic zone

Building Deconstruction

Sustainable Deconstruction – NSW Government guide to removal and separation of building materials
to maximise the recovery of materials and minimise the increasingly expensive costs of disposal.

Building Materials

Ecospecifier – eco-products knowledgebase providing information to assist the design of eco-preferable
buildings, interiors, infrastructure and landscapes in Australia

Forest Stewardship Council Australia – helps you find Australian timber that has been certified for its environmentally and socially responsible management

Green Building Guide – products and services for sustainable and resilient rebuilding projects

Home Living

Sustainabile Households: Energy – NSW Government energy saving programs

Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance and Ausgrid – Swimming Pool Efficiency Guide

Sydney Water’s WaterFix – a fixed price plumbing assistance service to improve the water efficiency
of your home

Star Rated Products

Equipment Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Rated Swimming Pool Pump Units

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme

Smarter Choice Program - information about the running costs of appliances and white goods