Save Power at Home

We can all make simple steps to save power by looking at what, where and how we use energy in our home. 

  • Turn off lights and appliances at the wall while not in use.
  • Put appliances on timers, have shorter showers and use the washing machine when you have full loads.
  • When it is time to upgrade your appliances, look for energy efficient products using the ENERGY STAR rating tool. 

It is helpful to understand how your home works in different seasons:

  • Does it get hot in the afternoon in summer? Can you close blinds or curtains on hot days to keep the heat out? Which windows and doors have the best breeze? 
  • Is it cold throughout the winter? Could you put rugs down to make it warmer in the winter? Are there draughts you could stop? 

These energy efficiency lifestyle guides are a great starting point with tips for all seasons and lifestyles.

Your Home website has information on heating and cooling, hot water, insulation, appliances and is a great resource for saving power at home. 

Willoughby City Council has partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation to provide up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and support for households. If you live in the Willoughby City Council area and need help managing your energy bills, you can call the free energy helpline during business hours, Mon-Fri on 1300 23 68 55 or visit the Australian Energy Foundation Website.