Design and Plan

Design and plan

Designing and planning an energy efficient, passive solar, energy smart new build or retrofit can be fun, effective and create a wonderful home with low running costs. 

It is best to consider options at every stage of your project whether buying land or a property, building from scratch, engaging project/modular home builders or deconstructing or retrofitting an existing property. Every small change and conversation can make a positive difference. 

Your Home website steps you through a range of considerations before you begin and a thorough approach to passive design as you look at options for your project. They also run through the importance of materials choice in your project for the most appropriate outcomes. It is a useful site to explore and will help you make informed decisions so you can make the most out of your home. 

Ecospecifier is a building product lifecycle assessment tool. If you are comparing products or you would like your contractors to consider more sustainable options, this is the site for you.