School Activities

Education is one of the most important tools in improving the environment. Only when people understand how they impact their world and what they could do differently will they be able to help.

Council offers a number of programs for both primary school and high school students. These programs raise awareness of environmental issues and provide students with direct experience with the natural world and sustainability concepts. Field trips and bushwalks in local reserves are organised by Council staff, as well sustainability-related incursions and activities. These can be linked to units of work in the NSW school curriculum and aim for a fun, positive education experience for students.

Other school activities include:

  • Guided bushwalks and outdoor learning experiences
  • The ‘Our Local Wildlife Story Book Competition’ with year 5’s
  • Propagation with locally-collected seeds
  • Native plantings and habitat creation
  • Environmental talks and activities
  • Water testing and bug surveys in local creeks
  • Involvement in Citizen Science student activities
  • Bush Christmas Pantomime for Kindy classes


Look out for ‘Our Local Wildlife Story Books’ available in school and local libraries, titles include: ‘There’s Something in the Water’, ‘Magic Corridors’ and ‘Long-necks and Short Tales’.

Call Council staff to discuss ideas on how your school can incorporate the local environment and sustainability principals into both school life and curriculum.

For nature based topics, please call the Bushland Community Officer on 9777 7942 or send an email to

For topics related to Sustainability, please email