e.restore is a program set up to improve our environment, made possible by the introduction of an environment levy. It is responsible for a broad range of new projects as well as maintaining previous works.

In 2000, Council adopted the Environmental Management Plan which identified that our local natural environment was degraded and required restoration and ongoing attention. Council’s resources were insufficient to deliver an adequate response while still delivering the existing level of works and services to our community. To address this, an Environmental Levy was introduced in July 2000 to provide funding for action. Strong community support saw the program extended for a second term from 2003 until 2008.

From July 2008 a new Sustainability Levy replaced the Environmental Levy to fund the third round of the e.restore program. e.restore 3 continues the important local environmental works that have been underway since 2000, while introducing a new focus on responding to climate change.

The third round projects will be focused on areas including:

  • restoring our ecosystems
  • climate change (mitigation and reduction)
  • sustainable business and suburbs
  • community engagement and action

These projects reflect Council's commitment to taking immediate action to mitigate Climate Change and continuing to restore and preserve our local natural environment.

e.restore is subject to rigorous auditing by the Department of Local Government and open reporting to ensure accountability to the community. e.restore funds can only be spent on sustainability projects.