General Council Meetings

Council meets to talk and make decisions about issues that affect the local community at what are called general, full or ordinary Council meetings. The public is welcome and invited to attend these meetings. Usually policy and general business are dealt with at these meetings.

Find out how to address Council and how to include an item on the agenda.


The proceedings of all Council meetings in open session, including all debate and addresses by the public, are recorded and webcast live on Council's website for the purpose of facilitating community access. Webcast archives are stored and available to the public on Council's website for two years, after which time the recordings may be disclosed under the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

Members of the public attending a Council meeting may have their image, voice and personal information (including name and address) recorded, publicly broadcast and archived for two years. By attending a Council meeting, whether as a proponent or objector addressing the Council, or as an observer or other interested party, members of the public consent to this use of their image, voice and personal information.

>> Live webcast of Council meetings

>> Archived recordings of Council Meetings 

Willoughby Council has introduced changes to its meeting governance, and increasing the time available for Councillors and the community to consider items on Council’s agenda. The changes aim to improve business efficiency, transparency, and the flow of information between community, Councillors and officers that will ultimately result in sounder decision making on behalf of the community.