Traffic & Transport

Victoria Avenue

Willoughby City Council is committed to encouraging the community to use sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, car poolingcar sharing and using public transport.

The Willoughby City Council area is one of the busiest transport hubs in Sydney and is well serviced by public transport. More than 70 000 people currently pass through Chatswood interchange each week, and this number will have increased with the completion of the rail link to Epping.

Council is responsible for the maintenance and management of local roads and traffic within the Local Government Area (LGA). As with any urban area, traffic must be managed to balance the needs of all road users. In the interest of safety Council uses various methods of traffic management to meet these needs. As parking is limited in the local area parking restrictions apply to ensure the turnover of spaces and equity for all users.

Council’s Road Safety Officer aims to raise the community’s awareness of road safety through a number of educational campaigns. These programs have contributed to reducing the number of crashes to road users in the LGA.

As part of Council’s commitment to sustainable transport and leading the community by example, Council is implementing a Workplace Travel Plan to encourage its own staff to travel in a sustainable manner. Actions that have been implemented in accordance with the Workplace Travel Plan include:

  • the downsizing of the car fleet and use of more sustainable vehicles such as hybrids
  • corporate membership of GoGet CarShare scheme
  • a bicycle loan scheme for staff to commute to and from work
  • car pooling initiatives between staff
  • a fleet of bicycles for use by staff for business travel and end of trip cycling facilities
  • encouraging participation in events such as National Ride to Work Day and Walk to Work Day