Honour Roll

Cultural & Community Building Award - 2012

Betty Doggett

Cultural and Community Building Award - Betty Doggett

Betty has been a continuous member of the Willoughby District Historical Society since 1981.

She took a position with the Management Committee of the Society, and accepted the challenge of curating two successive displays.They were the history of Brick Works in Artarmon and St Leonard’s – which operated from 1928 – 1959. And the history of Tanneries in Willoughby - which operated from 1869 – 1992. The curating of the exhibitions involved research into these industries, assessing records, and interviews with owners, managers, staff and various businesses. As well as understanding the manufacturing processes involved. Betty then interpreted and presented these excellent displays at the museum, which remained on public display for up to two years.

In later years she coordinated and hosted the Society’s meetings and organised guest speakers. She held the role of host for 5 years, and this role provided significant cultural benefits to the Society and has promoted Willoughby to a wider public across Sydney. She was awarded with life Membership of the Willoughby District Historical Society in 2006, in recognition to her service, in 2010 she was presented with a certificate of recognition at the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.