Honour Roll

Cultural & Community Building Award - 2008

Peter Hislop

The Cultural and Community Building award for 2008 goes to 2NSB and recognises Presenter Peter Hislop and the Engineering Team, which comprises:
• John Maizels
• Beverley Bayer
• Gerry Stevens
• Mathew Magee
• Damian Sabatini
• Blake Heaton
• Mal Keeler and
• Mark Blackmore

This year’s recipient of the Cultural and Community Building award recognises the achievements of a group of people involved in community radio.  The radio station is made up entirely of volunteers who have committed their time as presenters on air and as engineers.

Their work in the community is twofold as radio presenters promoting the work and events of community and cultural organizations through guest spots on the radio, and through the support of community events such as the Artarmon Fair and the Willoughby StreetFair with the presence of the Outdoor Broadcast Van.

The Outside broadcasts would not happen without the expertise, ingenuity and initiative of the technical team, often seen at work in the early hours of the morning in order to get the outside broadcast van up and running.