Road Safety

Willoughby Council aims to raise awareness of road safety through educational campaigns. These campaigns are funded by Council and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), and are aimed at specific road user groups.

Local communities need local information, something that mass media does not always provide. Road Safety Officers target those who would otherwise miss the message.

As over 80% of people who are involved in accidents within Willoughby are not local residents, Council runs joint projects with surrounding councils.

The  Willoughby Crash Report 2004-2008 investigates accidents that have occured in the area and determines contributing factors and trends. This allows the RSO to determine who the high-risk road user groups are and then develop projects that specifically target those groups. We are currently awaiting 2009 crash data to be released by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). An updated report will be available in early 2011.

Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH)

Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Inc is a not-for-profit association. Their mission is to promote initiatives that will bring about improved road safety, as well as support those affected by road tragedy. Please take a minute's silence at 12pm on Thursday 11 May 2017 to support those victims, families and friends who have lost loved ones in road tragedies.

Safer Australian Roads and Highways

Please click here to take the Road Safety Pledge for 2017.

For more information visit the SARAH Group website.