Personal Appearance Businesses (Health Premises)

  1. Starting a new skin penetration or other personal appearance business

    For all new personal appearance premises, including skin penetration businesses, and any existing premises that you want to renovate, development consent is required before you start any building work.

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  2. Personal appearance business registration

    It is an offence to operate a personal appearance business without consent. When a personal appearance business opens up or changes owners, Council must be notified. To notify Council of a new personal appearance business or update details relating to an existing business, please complete and submit the online form below.

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  3. Personal appearance business inspections

    Council’s Environmental Health Officers carry out inspections of personal appearance businesses in the Willoughby local government area to make sure that they comply with public health legislation requirements.

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  4. Enforcement options

    Council has a responsibility to enforce public health and safety laws in personal appearance businesses, and may take regulatory enforcement action for breaches. This action may be taken as a result of an inspection or from investigating a complaint.

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