Routine Food Inspections

Council’s Environmental Health Officers carry out regular inspections of food businesses in the Willoughby local government area to make sure that they comply with required food safety standards. They check that premises are clean, that food handlers have appropriate skills and that food is safely prepared and stored.

Most food premises are subject to routine inspections twice a year.

What happens during a food premises inspection?

Council’s Environmental Health Officer will:

  • Arrive at the premises unannounced and introduce themselves
  • Ask to speak to the person in charge
  • Conduct the inspection whilst the business is open and handling food for sale
  • Proceed whether the business owner is there or not
  • Record non-compliances using a camera or other recording device – see Council’s enforcement options
  • Produce a written report detailing the inspection outcome.

Unsatisfactory inspections are followed up to ensure compliance with food safety laws.

What is assessed during the inspection?

  • Whether you have appointed a trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS), have an FSS certificate, and whether food handlers have the skills and knowledge to handle food safely
  • Food handling practices for storage, display, temperature control, food processing, and how you reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Cleaning, sanitising and hand-washing procedures and proximity of facilities
  • Pest control measures
  • Premises design and construction including water supply, lighting, and whether there are adequate and safe garbage facilities
  • Food labelling.

Food premises inspection fees

Council charges fees to carry out food premises inspections. From 1 July 2018 these are:

Annual administration fees:

  • 0-5 food handlers $155.00
  • 5+ food handlers $255.00.

Inspection fee:

  • $100.00 (GST inclusive) per half hour or part thereof.

You will receive an invoice from Council after an inspection has been carried out.