Food Businesses

  1. Starting a new food business

    For all new food premises, and any existing food business that you want to renovate, development consent is required before you start any building work or renovations.

    Check whether you need Development Consent for the operation of your Food Business.

    If you are not carrying out any building works or renovations, other works, activities or change of use that may require prior approval then simply register your business here.

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  2. Food business registration

    It is an offence to operate a food business without consent. When a food business opens up or changes owners in the Willoughby local government area, Council must be notified.

    Mobile Food Vehicle Temporary Food Stall Fixed Food Premises
  3. Outdoor dining

    Approved restaurants and cafes can apply to Council to place outdoor dining furniture on the footpath directly in front of their premises for the use of their customers.

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  4. Routine food inspections

    Council’s Environmental Health Officers carry out regular inspections of food businesses in the Willoughby local government area to make sure that they comply with required food safety standards. They check that premises are clean, that food handlers have appropriate skills and that food is safely prepared and stored.

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  5. Enforcement options

    Council has a responsibility to enforce food safety laws, and may take regulatory enforcement action for breaches. Action is undertaken in accordance with the NSW Food Authority Compliance and Enforcement Policy. This action may be taken as a result of an inspection or from investigating a complaint.

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  6. Resources

    To help food business operators meet their legal obligations and ensure that the food they produce is safe and meets quality standards, here is a list of useful resources.

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