2017 Exhibition Calendar

Teacher & Student Exhibition
15 Feb 2017-7 Mar 2017

Teacher’s Profile

Alan Tung is a Taiwan-born artist who migrated to Australia 20 years ago. His artworks have been exhibited in Taiwan and Australia, in Wollongong, Paddington and now Willoughby.  Alan currently resides in Chatswood, where he also volunteers as a Drawing Class instructor at MOSAIC Multicultural Centre.
About the Exhibition
This collection includes the work of teachers and students using Chinese painting brushes and techniques to depict flowers, pets, landscapes and portraits on both traditional paper and non-traditional mixed media. The use of household objects as a painting surface is unusual and interesting, blending art and everyday life.
Drawing Class at MOSAIC
Wed 3pm-4.30pm, 8 weeks per term 
MOSAIC Multicultural Centre