2017 Exhibition Calendar

Enamel, Fire + Fusion
1 Nov 2017-28 Nov 2017

Enamelling is an art of fusing powdered glass to metal and by the application of controlled heat that creates textures and colour patterns. Many techniques are used in the creation of fine jewellery and decorative work.


This exhibition showcases recent work from members of the Enamellers Association that was formed in 1972 to promote an awareness of the ancient craft of enamelling. Our Association meets regularly to discuss techniques and organise workshops and exhibitions. We provide information about available classes in art and craft institutions and can recommend independent enamelling instructors.


Working in conjunction with enamelling groups from other states we tour overseas tutors to give workshops and demonstrations throughout Australia. Many of our members have their work on sale in galleries throughout Australia and overseas.


For further information please contact our secretary Lyndan Blackman on 0416004746 or visit our website enamellers.com.au


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