2016 Exhibition Calendar

Sydney Summer Fun
28 Nov 2016-14 Dec 2016

Julianne Ross Allcorn, with fellow Artists and Students from the Studio of Imagination & Creation Art in Roseville and Enfield, will fill Willoughby Council’s Foyer Exhibition Space with artworks of summer fun.

The Studio of Imagination & Creation Art is a small, well-resourced studio that welcomes artists of all ages. They work in different techniques, are encouraged to explore and extend their knowledge and create works that build confidence and extend their love of art. Small classes, full of fun, laughter and joyous creativity; my students call it a ‘special place to escape to’.

For more information contact Julianne Ross Allcorn:

Tel: 0466 521 313

Email: juliallcorn@gmail.com



Willoughby City Council is gratefully acknowledged for the provision of Foyer Exhibition Space               


Sydney Summer Fun

Julianne Ross Allcorn, Flowers and Bees (detail), oil on canvas, 2016