2016 Exhibition Calendar

Seniors Week: Northbridge Quilters & 'As I Age' interactive chalkboards
18 Mar 2016-6 Apr 2016

An exhibition of beautiful quilts from the Northbridge Quilters community group, alongside ‘As I Age’ interactive chalkboards, that aim to challenge the perceptions of ageing.

Northbridge Quilters is a community group which was established in the early 1980’s to foster and encourage the craft of patchwork quilting and provide opportunities for quilters to meet together for self-enrichment and for friendships to develop.  Membership is strong and new members are always welcome.  The group is generous in its support of various charities through donating funds from exhibitions which are held on a regular basis, and also provide quilts for hospitals and hostels.

The As I Age interactive chalkboards position have been installed to assist people to ignite thought and conversation about getting older; to constantly challenge the perceptions and stereotypes of ageing. The boards are provided by Feros Care.

Contact: Louise Geaghan on 9777 7801 or email Louise.Geaghan@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au


Seniors week, quilt

Helena Pang, Springtime, 2015, quilt