2016 Exhibition Calendar

2 May 2016-18 May 2016

The artworks in this exhibition were completed by Aphasia (Stroke) Group, a community-based arts group working out of Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Visual Voices is comprised of John Giliberti, Ollie Gonzalez and Alasdair MacLennan - artists with some physical paralysis and more particularly, language communication difficulties following stroke. Despite having good reasoning, memory and social skills, these artists, who all have aphasia, well know the social exclusion that comes from loss of speech and language. In order to enhance the opportunities for friendship and social participation, renewed self-identity and autonomy for people whose 'voice' has been compromised, Visual Voices was established in 2014 by speech pathologist Christine Shear in the Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic. The group is artistically facilitated by ARTRIO - Vivien Mewing, Karlene Wilcox and Romny Vandoros, and runs three times a month.

Visual Voices have previously exhibited in Glebe and Woolloomooloo, and have recently completed a commissioned artwork for the newly refurbished Macquarie University Linguistics Department. The commissioned piece, UBUNTU, was their interpretation of the complexity and components of language in its development, diversity and use, as well as in its loss or limitations through disability. Expressions of interest in joining this art group are welcomed.

Contact: Vivien Mewing, 0424 645145, artrio123@gmail.com



Ollie Gonzalez and Alasdair MacLennan, Selfies, paint on paper