2016 Exhibition Calendar

7 Nov 2016-23 Nov 2016

Opening: Monday, 7 November 2016, 6pm – 7.30pm

Only a few minutes in a kiln produces enamel. The wall panels, sculptural forms, samples and antiques displayed, demonstrate the imaginative ways in which enamel may be fused to copper. 

Most of this work uses copper as the base, traditionally jewellers use silver or gold.  Enamel is produced with two distinct characteristics, either transparent or opaque.  It is either sifted or painted and kiln fired at around 800 degrees centigrade. 

Enamelling is an ancient medieval art form and examples of some older enamelled domestic ware on steel are also on display.

Sally Aplin studied fine art and has been teaching for many years and exhibiting internationally for over 30 years. Her exhibiting students bring different levels of experience and skill from their diverse art backgrounds.

Enamelling classes are held during holiday periods at the Workshop Arts Centre in Laurel Street, Willoughby.
Contact: Sally Aplin on 9419 6453
or email Sallyaplin@gmail.com 


Quickfire image

Sally Aplin, Party Line, vitreous enamel on copper, brass, acrylic