2016 Exhibition Calendar

Feltscape - Elemental
15 Aug 2016-13 Sep 2016

Creating wool sculpture and wearable felted garments, Sydney artist Marta Madison has fused traditional felting with a modern twist, with surprising and inspiring results. While her work is firmly grounded in traditional craft principles, a keen interest in new and emerging techniques continues to inform her design approach. Blending the past with the future, Marta embraces novel fabrics and embellishments to inspire new ways of creating scarves and objects, while respecting the tradition that has come before her. 

"Through my work I try to seek out ways to surprise, to push the boundaries of possibility, and consider how the wearer of my garments will feel and cherish the final product", says Marta.

Works included in this exhibition are exquisite felted scarves, bowls, journals and a range of bespoke wool jewellery.

Marta will be running a class at the Workshop Arts Centre on Thursday 6 October, from 10am to 4pm in conjunction with the exhibition. Numbers are limited, so book online at the Willoughby Arts Centre.

Contact: Marta Madison on 0419251705 or email mmadison@gmx.com


Marta Madison, Felt works - 300x201

Image courtesy of Marta Madison.