2016 Exhibition Calendar

Ebb and Flow, Beach and Burn
22 Jul 2016-10 Aug 2016

This exhibition features recent artworks by Amanda Boyd, and consists of a series of works on perspex with resin elements, works on paper, resin jewellery and works on canvas.

Artist's statement:

"For this exhibition, I have been looking at the plight of the Great Barrier Reef and its loss of vibrancy as well as the closeness of bush fires to our community.

"As our communities become more densely populated, there is a decrease in green space. Celebrating and honouring nature is important if we wish to save it for the future."

Enquiries: Amanda Boyd on 0419 981 158 or email aboyd9@me.com


Amanda Boyd, Out numbered (detail), digital print on paper, 2016

Amanda Boyd, Out numbered (detail), digital print on paper, 2016.