2019 Exhibition Calendar

Future Abstract
22 May 2019-16 Jun 2019

Official Opening: Friday 24 May6:00pm – 8:00pm

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am - 8pm (Extended evening hours)

Part of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, Future Abstract explores the impact of technology on the genre of abstract art

Part of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, Future Abstract is an art exhibition curated by Willoughby City Council that explores the impact of technology on the genre of abstract art. Learn how in this new evolution of the genre artists are moving beyond the canvas to explore how line, tone, colour, shape, and pattern can create new materialities, kinetic movement and expand the fourth dimension.


Artists: Louise Allerton, Tom Loveday, Wade Marynowsky, Gordon Monro, Adi O’Hara, Naomi Oliver, Grant Stewart, tranSTURM (Chris Bowman, Holger Deuter, Rachael Priddel, Rachel Walls with Jason Benedek) and Susannah Williams


Public Program

Artists in Conversation

Meet the artists who are using technology to create abstract artworks


Sunday 26 May, 11am
Gordon Monro, Chris Bowman from tranSTURM and Susannah Williams


Tuesday 4 June, 11am
Louise Allerton, Tom Loveday and Naomi Oliver


Chatswood Chase


Contact: Curator, Cassandra Hard-Lawrie on 9777 7972 or email Cassandra.Hard-Lawrie@Willoughby.nsw.gov.au



Naomi Oliver, Holo/Halo, 2019, lenticular still



Louise Allerton, Inter Play, 2018, anaglyth



Wade Marynowsky, Waveforms of ice, 2019, animation still



Gordon Monro, Nanocosm, 2017, animation still




Chris Bowman (tranSTURM), Light Notations, 2018, sculptural installation with animation moving assets using motion data and projection