Rooftop Sports and Recreation Area

In the middle of Chatswood is a basketball court just begging to be played on!Three-On-Three Basketball Comp 1

It’s on the roof of the Chatswood Youth Centre at 64 Albert Avenue (on the corner of Victor Street) in Chatswood. Simply head up the stairs out the front of the Youth Centre and you’ll find the Court. Balls and soccer goals can be borrowed from the Youth Centre.

The rooftop basketball court is open these hours (you can hire it at other times):

3pm to 6pm Daily

Court will close at sunset if this occurs earlier than 6pm.

The court is closed when wet.

Three-On-Three Basketball Comp 2


You can only use the court when the Chatswood Youth Centre (CYC) is open, unless you’ve hired it. If it’s wet, it will be closed for safety.

If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be asked to leave.

No violence, physical abuse, intimidation, alcohol, illegal drugs, or dangerous activity (eg. hanging from the rings or climbing fences) at any time.

People between the ages of 12 and 20 have priority; CYC staff may let older people play if they choose. Everyone gets a fair go, regardless of gender or ability.

Half court games are the norm, but full court games are okay if everyone there at the time agrees.

Basic game play at the court

Games are generally played to a score of 11 points in multiples of 1 with the scorer getting the ball. If people are waiting to play, then switch to a ‘win by 2’ arrangement. If there are four or more people waiting, games should be played only up to 7 points.

Winners hold court. After three wins in a row, that team must either take a break for one game or split up.

A single person can challenge for the next game and pick their own team, unless someone has been waiting to play longer than the picked team; then they must be on the challenging team. The first four people to make free throws become the challenging team. Anyone not making it is automatically on the next challenging team without having to make another free throw.

In general, older and more experienced players should stay at one end, with younger and newer players at the other.

If someone needs first aid, there is a kit in the CYC office, with ice packs in the fridge for sprains and strains.

If there is a serious injury, call the ambulance immediately and also alert a youth services staff member in the CYC office. If there is any suspicion of neck or spine damage, don’t move the person.