School Zones

School Zones mainly operate between 8:00am-9:30am and 2:30pm-4:00pm on gazetted school days although there are a small number of non-standard school zone times in New South Wales. Non standard zones are identified by red/orange school zone signs which display the times that apply.

Motorists are required to drive at no more than 40 km/h through School Zones at the School Zone times on any gazetted school days.

Many School Zone signs have now been fitted with flashing lights. The lights only operate at the times and days that the School Zone is in operation. Be aware that the days of operation are determined by the NSW Government’s gazetted school days. Even though there may be days when the school is not operational, the school zone will still be in force.

“Dragons teeth” have been painted on the road to help drivers recognise School Zones.

Heavy penalties and demerit points apply for both speeding and mobile phone use in School Zones.

School Zones and Dragon's Teeth