Safety outside schools

Childrens Crossing Road Rule Reminder

When in school zones, observe the following guidelines to reduce risk to children:

  • DO NOT park in bus zones, on zebra crossings or on footpaths
  • NEVER double park. This reduces driver visibility, causes congestion and puts children at risk
  • NEVER call your child across the road
  • ALWAYS encourage your child to enter and exit the car from the kerb
  • BE PATIENT - observe the directions of the School Crossing Supervisor
  • REMEMBER children are full of surprises! Expect the unexpected

By following the rules around school zones we can work together to ensure the safety of our children.

Children are vulnerable road users and are at higher risk in traffic because of their size and inability to judge speed and distance.

The pdf format Safety Outside Schools campaign, a joint initiative of Mosman, North Sydney and Ku-ring-gai Councils, targets parents and carers at local primary schools. The campaign aims to raise awareness of road safety issues around schools, such as parking, stopping distances and driveway safety. Information kits, brochures and additional signage help educate those around schools about these safety issues.