A driver keeps an eye out for motocyclesAs petrol prices go up, the number of motorcycles on the road will probably increase. Since motorcyclists are twenty times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone in a car, there are steps to take to help everyone get home.

Car and Truck Drivers:

  • Motorcycles need a full lane. Don’t drive in the same lane as them.
  • Allow them as much space as you would a car when overtaking.
  • Motorcycles are easily hidden behind other vehicles. Check all your mirrors and look over your shoulder before merging or changing lanes.
  • At intersections make sure you know where a motorcycle is going to turn.
  • Motorcycles can rapidly speed up or slow down, and can stop in half the distance that a car can, so avoid tailgating.
  • In a roundabout, give motorcycles the same space you would give a car.


  • Position yourself so others can see you, and avoid being in someone’s blind spot.
  • Check your mirrors and over your shoulder before changing lanes.
  • Overtake carefully without speeding or swerving too much.
  • Ride at a speed that will let you react to the unexpected in time.
  • Be careful on curves and ride at the advised limit.
  • Be prepared to stop at intersections.
  • Make yourself visible; wear bright colours.
  • Wear a Standards Approved helmet with an AS1698 sticker.
  • Don’t ride when tired; riding a bike is more tiring than driving a car.
  • If you're a returning rider, consider a rider refresher course to update your skills.

Council has provided a number of motorcycle parking spaces within Chatswood, Artarmon and St Leonards. Click here to view maps of these parking spaces.