Car Pooling

What is car pooling?

Carpooling is simply when two or more people travel together in one car. This can be on a regular basis and people can also choose to take turns to drive their own car. It is an easy and convenient means of travel for people who have limited access to alternative modes of transport and want to be more environmentally friendly. Every litre of petrol saved reduces 2.4kg of carbon dioxide emissions from your tailpipe!!  Add two people to your car and you save 4.8kg!

You may like to start car pooling with someone you know - a friend, neighbour or another family at your school. Alternatively, you can match yourself with others via one of the many car pooling websites available. TravelSmart Australia offers a list of car pooling websites.

Why car pool?

Car pooling has a number of benefits for both you and your community. Car pooling can:

  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality;
  • Save you time by allowing you to use transit lanes;
  • Reduce traffic congestion by taking another car off the road;
  • Save you money on petrol costs and maintenance;
  • Introduce you to new members of your community.

Tips for car pooling

  • Agree on pick-up time and location
  • Settle on any reimbursement costs – petrol, parking, tolls
  • Have a back-up plan in case something comes up
  • Make sure you have the other person’s contact details if circumstances change
  • Ensure insurance, driver’s licence and vehicle registration is valid
  • Be considerate of things that may annoy your fellow traveller, such as music, smoking, strong perfume/cologne
  • Be on time
  • Don't take or request detours
  • Keep you car reasonably clean
  • Drive safely

Thinking of purchasing a vehicle?

Make sure your decision is an informed one, and consider the environmental impact of the car you wish to buy. Visit for ratings on new vehicles available in Australa, based on greenhouse and air pollution emissions.


This information on carpooling is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to its accuracy, authenticity, appropriateness or suitability for your particular needs or circumstances or for any particular use. Willoughby City Council, its members, employees, agents, consultants and representatives (“Council”) accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by any error or omission contained in the information. Those engaging in carpooling arrangements must ensure, and are otherwise responsible for, their own personal safety. Council cannot and does not ensure your safety. By engaging in carpooling you agree and accept that Council shall have no responsibility, and does not accept any liability, for your safety.