2011 Exhibition Calendar

March – December

Janet Tavener: Melting Moments
2 – 27 March 2011

pdf format Janet Tavener Catalogue (1.04 MB)

The first Council curated exhibition to be held at the Incinerator Art Space is a series of large scale photographs and small sculptures by artist Janet Tavener. This body of work explores the changing nature of production and consumption with a particular focus on everyday food items. What we see is a dream-like photographic world of iconic and familiar images using water and oil as a reference point.  Within this landscape we are asked to consider issues related to food modification and consumer culture, as well as the environment, climate change and global warming.  This is a fitting exhibition to launch the Incinerator Art Space located in the Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator, with a unique history of industrial heritage and environmental sustainability.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

For more information contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 02 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

Janet Tavener - Hamburger

Janet Tavener, Hamburger, 2009, archival digital print on galerie gold fibre silk, 85 x 85cm

Sculpture Ten
30 March – 24 April 2011

pdf format Sculpture Ten Catalogue (1.29 MB)

Sculpture Ten is a curated exhibition of works by ten leading sculptors from across the Willoughby region. This group is connected by a deep understanding of form and its capacity to engage with and transform space. Each artist, however, has developed their own distinct visual language using a range of materials to explore and interpret their place within the natural world. The exhibition features small to large sculptures by Sally Aplin, Rae Bolotin, Meike Davis, Carole Driver, Itzick Fisher, Nicole Grech, Bruce McWhinney, Ingrid Morley, Denese Oates and Margaret Sheridan.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

For more information contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 02 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

Ingrid Morley - Leda and the Seagull

Ingrid Morley, Leda and the Seagull, 2009, stainless steel, 300 x 150 x 250cm

Drawn to Travel & The Spaces In Between
Paintings and drawings by Debbie Mackinnon
April 27 – May 15 2011

An exhibition of drawings and paintings by Debbie Mackinnon exploring the connections between the rhythms of both the natural and constructed worlds we live in. Debbie Mackinnon has a studio in Northbridge, Studio Generator, where she teaches and practices art. In 2011 Debbie was selected as a finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize.

For more information contact Debbie Mackinnon 0419 295 271 or email debbie@debbiemackinnon.com.

An exhibition of works by Sally Aplin
18 May – 5 June 2011

Sally Aplin is a local artist and teacher. This exhibition is a selection of enamels, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. Sally's works have featured in Sculpture in the Vineyards and the Willoughby Sculpture Prize.

For more information contact Sally Aplin on 02 9419 6453 or email sallyaplin@gmail.com.

Stephen Hall
Merry Andrew the Limner: A New Horseman on the Skyline
8 June – 3 July 2011

pdf format Stephen Hall Catalogue (2.05 MB)
pdf format Stephen Hall Public Program (134.57 KB)

Artist Stephen Hall has been invited to bring his Don Quixote inspired Merry Andrew the Limner to the Incinerator Art Space in a new series of drawings and sculptures. The drawings have been developed in response to the history of the site and create a visual narrative which takes the viewer on a marvellous journey across and throughout the many landscapes of Willoughby and beyond. The large scale mixed media sculptures and smaller ceramic works are a continuation of Hall’s experimentation with diverse materials and the quest to construct playful yet considered sculptural objects.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

For more information contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 02 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

From a Dark Horse - Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall, From a Dark Horse, acrylic, gouache, pastel & charcoal on 100% cotton paper, 170cm x 184cm

Reflections - what is real or not: photographs by Dawne Fahey
6 – 17 July 2011

In this day of digital imaging and digital prints, hand made prints using gum bichromate and cyanotype are seen less often. This exhibition highlights the best of both worlds while featuring images from Sydney, New York, New Mexico, France and the Netherlands. Dawne Fahey is a finalist in the 2011 Olive Cotton Portrait Award.

For more information contact Dawne Fahey on 0421 858 191 or email faheydawne@gmail.com. 

the is that is I…Observing: sculptures and prints by Itzick Fisher
20 July – 7 August 2011

Local artist Itzick Fisher employs large and small scale sculptures and various techniques in his range of exquisite prints to comment on the notion that we are not simply singular entities but possess many sides or facets, which are potentially endless. Fisher’s unique individualised forms are presented in various poses, drawing our attention to the complex relationship between singularity and multiplicity. This new body of work reflects an astute observation of, and comment on, the artist’s place within the natural and metaphysical world.

For more information contact Itzick Fisher on 0414474260 or email fishon@bigpond.com. 

Willoughby Sculpture Prize
20 August – 4 September 2011

The Willoughby Sculpture Prize returns to the iconic Incinerator site in August and September and runs over 16 days. Over 50 sculptures have been selected and will be exhibited inside the Incinerator Art Space and through the surrounding parklands. This national event reflects Council’s ongoing commitment to develop and celebrate the visual arts and contemporary sculpture. Prizes awarded total $20,000. 

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

For more information contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 02 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

 Geoff Farquhar-Still, Temporary Monument

Geoff Farquhar-Still, Temporary Monument, recycled gas bottles & steel, 250 x 120 x 120cm

Cicada Press: Collaboration and Connection
14 September – 9 October 2011 

pdf format Catalogue (1.77 MB)

Cicada Press is an educationally based custom printing workshop established in 2004 by its Director, Michael Kempson at the College of Fine Arts, The University of NSW. It fosters research projects that facilitate a contemporary dialogue in the medium of printmaking, resulting in an enriching collaborative interaction between artists invited to create work and students who participate in the program. This exhibition features a selection of artists who have collaborated with Cicada Press since its inception and demonstrates a remarkable array of stylistic and methodological approaches to printmaking practice. Kempson says of Cicada Press, ‘like the meditative rhythms of cicadas the prints that we make seek to visually resonate so that they establish a genuine and elemental connection’.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

Artist Talk: 2pm, Saturday 24 September
Michael Kempson, Guy Warren, Ian Grant and Li Wenmin
For enquiries contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au

 Sweet and Sour

Michael Kempson, 2008, Sweet and Sour, etching & aquatint, 50 x 60cm

Nýtování (riveting) - photography by Karel Hubnik
12 - 30 October 2011

Karel Hubnik’s photographic practice is informed by an astute observation of art and technology, in particular the often unseen beauty within the industrial landscape. The selected photographs are imbued with both drama and stillness and in many ways respond to the unique character of this site of great industrial heritage. The dialogue between light and dark, internal and external, invites the viewer to consider the often ambiguous relationship between an object and its surrounds. 

For more information contact Karel Hubnik on 0414 446 174 or email kaya2@ozemail.com.au.

To Make a Pet of...... :
an installation by Cassandra Hard Lawrie
2 – 27 November 2011

pdf format Cassandra Hard Lawrie Catalogue 2011 (1.35 MB)

This latest exhibition by artist Cassandra Hard Lawrie has been developed in response to the architecture of the Incinerator, with a particular focus on key internal features and the fanciful idea of the building as a medieval manor house filled with the weird and wonderful. The installation of floating angel wings suspended from the vaulted ceiling and objects constructed from feathers, bones, wood and human hair are a continuation of Hard Lawrie’s interest in history and museum artefacts - in this instance Pre-Raphaelite imagery and the construction of the feminine during the Victorian era. Hard Lawrie creates an imagined domestic landscape full of exquisitely crafted small and large scale sculptures, alluding to the concept of women as both faithful and fallen, beautiful and abject, or even angelic and animalistic - a recurring motif in Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Her spaces are both a place of contemplation and a site where our perceptions of the feminine are challenged.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition

For more information contact Alison Clark, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator, on 02 9777 7972 or email alison.clark@willoughby.nsw.gov.au.

Dissolution : Carreé

Cassandra Hard Lawrie, 2009, Dissolution : Carreé, plywood, MDF, resin, pigment and found objects,
60 x 40 x 30cm

A Love Affair with Harold: drawings, sculpture and installation by Carole Driver
30 November – 18 December 2011

Local artist Carole Driver lives adjacent to picturesque Harold Reid Reserve located in the heart of Middle Cove. This expansive waterfront bushland reserve is rich in wildlife and host to a diverse plant community. In this exhibition of drawings, sculptures and installation, Driver pays homage to this unique suburban haven, capturing the intimate details of the bush and its many inhabitants.

For more information contact Carole Driver on 0410633899 or email carole@caroledriver.com.