Chatswood Mall

Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Suggested Uses:
Promotions, markets, stalls, entertainment, busking, events, filming

Chatswood Mall is located in the centre of Chatswood, connecting the Chatswood Interchange to the Chatswood shopping district and The Concourse.

More than 35,000 people pass through the mall each day. Not only is it busy every day, but the community has come to expect and look forward to events being held there.

Chatswood Mall is home to a many outdoor eateries, restaurants and cafes as well as a number of popular store and services including banks and a newsagency. Concerts, festivals, charity stalls, performances and promotions take place throughout the year, as well as the popular weekly Chatswood Mall Market.

The Mall is available for hire for promotions, fundraising, busking, filming and events.

For more information, contact Willoughby Council’s Festival and Events Team on 9777 1000 or to hire the mall.

Film makers and photographers wishing to film or photograph in Willoughby are encouraged to use the Filming and Photography Application Form to seek Council approval.