School Information

Willoughby Leisure School Sports Program

All year: book as required

School Years: K-12

Curriculum/Subject connection: PDHPE

Willoughby Leisure provides specialised instruction and activity throughout the local Willoughby area. In Willoughby we have an array of recreation and sport facilities including the expansive Willoughby Leisure Centre and the Willis Recreation and Sports Centre. The city offers dozens of sports grounds, playgrounds and reserves. There is plenty of opportunity for all children at the school to receive a structured and curriculum based sports program at a number of our facilities or we can come to you.  Students will learn about:

  • Games
  • Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Active Lifestyle

Early Stage 1

  • Let’s Play Games
  • Move and Explore
  • Enjoy Being Active

 Stage 1

  • Getting Started
  • Hop, Step and Jump
  • Let’s Move

Stage 2

  • Tumble and Turn
  • On The Go

 Stage 3

  • Playing the Game
  • Refines and Applies
  • Keeping Active and Happy

Students will meet syllabus outcomes in their PDHPE curriculum. We can also develop an activity to meet your student objectives and values at your school.


Kaylyn Tomkinson, Aquatic Programs Coordinator

9958 5799