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21 January 2019

Willoughby City Council – leading the way for a green future

Willoughby City Council is continuing to lay the building blocks for a sustainable future by calling on the community to give feedback on its ten year sustainability action plan Our Green City Plan.
“During our strategic plan consultation, we received over 6,000 public comments from our residents overwhelmingly identifying that they want Willoughby to be a leader in sustainability,” Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney said. “Our Green City directly responds, outlining the steps we will take to deliver the community priorities to achieve the city they want.”

The people of Willoughby City recently received a gold star for embracing a sustainable lifestyle in Willoughby City Council’s Sustainability Action Plan Report Card. And Council gets a big tick for its work in community engagement and education.

The report shows that in 2017/18 Willoughby residents rolled up their sleeves to take care of our beautiful city. The number of volunteers engaging with bush care rose to from 289 to 295 and 507 people attended workshops on how to care for the natural environment, 80% more than the previous year. Council supports over 130 community gardens including four on Council land and two on verges.

The thirst for learning about a sustainable future is high with 8700 people attending council-run sustainability education events and workshops. Council received top marks for its delivery with 94% of people saying they were happy with the events.

Waste management is an area of improvement with residents reducing their waste-to-landfill by 33kg per person. The number of incidents of illegal dumping reported to Council reduced from 792 to 682.

But there is still room for improvement. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving access to renewable energy through solar installations and reducing water use are all key to achieving a green city by 2028.

To view and share your opinion on the sustainability action plan Our Green City Plan visit

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