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31 July 2019

Innovative new approach to community engagement creates increased dialogue

Willoughby City Council will introduce monthly information seminars, providing the community with a forum to hear about significant issues and projects.

Held up to ten times a year on the fourth Monday of each month and chaired by Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney, each seminar will feature topics presented by an expert from Council, state government or other agency.

“The information seminars are a new and innovative approach to Council’s community engagement, providing people with in-depth, timely information on issues that really matter to them,” Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney said. 

The community information seminars have been introduced as part of Willoughby City Council’s commitment to ensure the community is informed and will create an opportunities for dialogue.

“Community members are still invited to attend the monthly Council meetings which remain Council’s decision making forum. What’s exciting about the new seminars is that they will allow people to take a deep dive into areas of interest and ask questions relevant to their situation.”
The first seminar will be held on Monday 26 August, at 6.30pm in the Council Chambers. It will focus on the Sydney Metro with a presentation by Stuart Hodgson, Sydney Metro’s Acting Director Sustainability Environment and Planning.

Mr Hodgson will provide a progress update on the Sydney City and Southwest project which will extend the Sydney Metro rail under Sydney harbour, through new underground city stations and beyond to the south west.  She will talk about the metro concept and how it complements existing public transport.

The seminar will also lift the lid on the NSW planning system in a presentation by Greg McDonald, Director Planning and Infrastructure, Willoughby City Council. He will explain the State legislation and how Council manages the planning process, from city plans and zoning through to lodging a development application.

A video of each presentation will be available to download from Council’s website in the following days for those who are unable to attend.

The topic for each seminar will be announced on the Monday at least one week prior to the seminar. To receive updates on what will be covered sign up to Council’s e-newsletter or visit

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