2018 Media Releases

Willoughby City Council pledges support for state-wide Save Our Recycling campaign

19 December 2018

Willoughby City Council is one of ten NSW councils lending support to the Save Our Recycling campaign, echoing calls from the Local Government of NSW (LGNSW) for the state government to urgently address the deepening recycling crisis enveloping NSW.

The Save Our Recycling campaign, launched by LGNSW (an organisation that represents the interest of NSW and special purpose councils) in October, calls on the state government to reinvest the entire $727 million it collects from the waste levy each year in waste management and recycling.

Until recently, the NSW recycling system relied heavily on the export of recycling to countries that have invested in the facilities to reprocess it, such as China and Malaysia. These countries are now cutting back on the amount of recycling they will accept.

Willoughby City Council Mayor Gail Giles Gidney said there is already public support for recycling because it is a practical measure that helps the environment.

“Willoughby residents are doing their part to recycle, whether it is practicing caution with what goes into their recycling bins, kickstarting a composting regime or being resourceful and reusing some household items.”

“However we need to come up with a new solution for waste management here in NSW rather than shipping waste overseas,” she said.

To find out more about Save Our Recycling and to sign up to support the campaign visit saveourrecycling.com.au

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