2018 Media Releases

Willoughby City Council – lighting the way for savings

28 November 2018

Willoughby City Council has given the green light to replacing 1,799 street lights with more cost efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights.

The new lights will not only save rate payers $1 million over five years, they will also reduce carbon emissions and provide better quality lighting.
Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney said: “this project will deliver substantial benefits to our residents. They use less energy and are cheaper to maintain.
“The new lights will also help us deliver on our commitment to a green and liveable city with a total greenhouse gas saving of 506.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year– the equivalent to the electricity use in 90 homes each year.”

“In addition, the new lights are of a higher quality white light than the existing mercury-containing lamps and so will reduce light pollution.”

The initiative is part of a successful state wide Ausgrid program which has seen it work with local Councils to replace 40,000 old street lights. The program will be rolled out across a further 28 Local Government Areas.

Council’s investment to replace the pre-2009 lights will see the project paying for itself in five years and reduce Council’s exposure to higher energy prices in the future. The work will begin this financial year.

Willoughby City Council’s ambitious sustainability and efficiency programs continue to expand. Find out more here: willoughby.nsw.gov.au/environment---sustainability

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