2017 Media Releases

Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial – Kaleidoscope Opens this week

04 September 2017

6 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2017

Official Opening:
5.45pm - 8.30pm, Friday 8 September
Art Space on The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

The Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial will transform the Chatswood CBD with sculpture, sound and video installations, as well as pop up art activities and ‘happenings’ in public places and art spaces across the Willoughby area from 6 – 24 September.

Following a highly successful inaugural event in 2015, this vibrant arts festival will showcase exhibitions, large scale video art, performance art, workshops and more, exploring the theme of Kaleidoscope - a world where we must constantly challenge and refresh our own ways of seeing, understanding and being.

A major highlight of the Biennial is the Willoughby Council curated solo exhibition by Wade Marynowsky at the Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby. Algorithmic Pareidolia (Wednesday 6 September – Sunday 1 October) is a series of new experimental video, installation and robotic artworks that explore how our reality is increasingly simulated. Pareidolia, is the psychological phenomena of seeing or experiencing things which do not really exist, for example seeing a face in the moon. Closely linked is to this concept is Anthropomorphism: attributing human characteristic or behaviours to non-human agents, for example robots. For the exhibition Marynowsky will launch his latest robotic work; Synth-Bot, which investigates how humans perceive notions of robotic performance and robotic agency via a robotic arm that creates music, by playing a synthesiser.

The free Kaleidoscope Walk allows visitors to explore sculptures and sound and video installations in public spaces throughout the Chatswood CBD including Chatswood Mall, Post Office Lane, The Concourse and Chatswood Chase Sydney. Highlight installations include Sophi Odling’s New World Balloons from Beautiful Rubbish on the steps of The Concourse - commenting on human wastage issues, with imagery of balloons made from ‘beautiful’ rubbish. Also at the Concourse is Edison Chen’s Hyper Dimensional Friend, an interactive video and sculptural installation exploring the ways in which digital tehnologies are permeating our physical reality. Out in the Open, a stop motion video installation by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine in Chatswood Mall, tells the story of a trader’s struggle to stay relevant in a changing world.

Another highlight is the Willoughby Artists Open Studio Weekend. Discover the inner creativity of the artist’s workroom as 20 local artists open their studios to the public (10am - 4pm, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September). The Weekend is a chance to connect with local artists who practice across the disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, video and more.

For the full program of Biennial events, visit willoughby.nsw.gov.au/wvab

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